Gunn_Kraft flight school

When Jesse build his first quad he could not fly it at that time and I was his pilot not that I had ever flown a quad before.  I had some experience  with radio control heli's .. mostly crashing. But it was time to get him flying as I had [...]

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Music and kids

I found this today It is something I wrote about Jesse when he was 5. Today I was taking care of my son Jesse. I sometime wonder where he comes up with stuff that makes me smile or laugh. Today I asked him if he want to start [...]

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Thunderbird is go!

As I try to dream up a cool looking share for a Tricopter i kept thinking about wayo to make it stronger and the thing everybody wants to make it vibrationless. So I started to play around with shape Ideas, I has seen lots of tricopter shapes I did not [...]

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Talent show or bust!

  In the beginning.. Jesse age 5 When Jesse was 6 he wanted to play the guitar there was an offer from a school to give kids 2 years of free music classes but there was a limited amount of seats, So we did the fifty cent tour signed [...]

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Check out my new FPV Transmitter I Made.

I wanted to change the firmware on the 9x then i got bored and wanted to add the frsky to make it a better radio. So i have the fatshark googles but i also wanted to add a 7 in monitor to my rig. But i wanted to use the [...]

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Halloween Zombie makeup

Jesse wanted to be a zombie for Halloween so I had to figure out how to do monster makeup this is what I came up with.

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8 year old builds a UAV! Mar’s or Bust!

It all started this last summer... The video The previous post about this.. Me and my 8 year old son Jesse making the X-1 After watching the mars landing he asked me if we could make something like the "Mars curiosity" also... I thought about it for [...]

8 year old builds a UAV! Mar’s or Bust!2020-04-29T15:43:30+00:00