I have been in hermit mode for at least 3 months.

I have a web hosting company for the last 10 years or more for private corporate clients.

I decided to go public a few months ago which mean to offer the same great service to smaller company’s and personal web sites. I have been programing and deciding the look and feel website now for the last 2 months. so I have been behind the computer for days and nights and sometimes i only sleep for only 1-2 hours a night. Which has had my friends wondering where I have been. I have not been on face book or answering my texts or emails.
and at the same time I have been working on 4 other websites.

I have pretty much gone underground till this project is over.

my target day is sometime a week from today. i am ether going to have 3 people sign up or hundreds. i am trying to figure out what kind of promotion give away to do for the launch.

I am still trying to decide the look of the site which I have torn down 3 times already.

My delima is how edgy I want to go with it I don’t want it to look like every other web hosting company. I want it to stand out from the rest but i know I will have to settle some where in the middle of the road. but at least I know the service I offer will be the best.

Then I can get back to my book I am writing which is up to 270 pages.

I should put up some excepts from it to give you a taste.

I think I need to get out and get a drink..