A quick story from true tales of of sex drugs and rock and roll.

It’s Saturday December 6 1980 my birthday is just around the corner on December 8 me and Maria have been going out now for almost a year. So the girls Maria and Carrie decide to surprise me and take me to a early birthday dinner at Mr Chows on east 57 st. they had made reservation for 10:30 pm.

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Mr chows back then was a high end Chinese restaurant where celebrities, models and the where the so called “beautiful people” hang and eat but the food was really amazing!

Dinner-at-Mr.-Chow-with-the-posseMr chows 1980’s

We get there and our friend Tina chow greets us and gets us a drink at the bar while she gets our table ready. The girls are looking stunning! Maria has her hair in a updo and is wearing a pink crinoline dress and Carrie is wearing something similar but in red both are wearing rhinestone earring and necklaces and high stilettos which makes them hard to miss since they are 5’11 in bare feet.


I am wearing black skinny jeans tight cowboy shirt with a scarf tied around to the side like you see in cowboy movies like the lone ranger but mine is cooler. My hair is at full maximum rockabilly height no one in the rockabilly scene at that time had hair higher than mine. (Till Johnny trash came in to town Lol! we had to become friends!)

Mr chow is 2 floors but you go down not up. The bar is on the first level and everyone dining can see the upper level where we were and you can tell we were the topic of conversation by what we called Euro trash. I guess every generation has their Version after Euro came the Yuppies.
Tina walks over to us Tina is also very beautiful she was a model at one point and was always on the best dressed list.

tina_chow_tumblr_l3gy1ndz9z1qbg8scTina Chow

She took us to our table right in the center of the restaurant then she told the waiter to get a Chinese blind they set up the tri-fold bind around me and my chair for privacy and so no one bumps in to me.
That just makes everyone at the restaurant talk! Probably because I was not drinking Perrier water how déclassé! People started to wonder who I am and why the special treatment. So we order out food I order the orange chicken it the best is all of new york! And then the champagne comes…Then out of the corner of my eye I see across from me is john Lennon with Yoko. He looks at me I look back and nod he nods back. I think he was even little curious on who I was.

I continue with our little party the food is great we are laughing telling funny stories and then john and Yoko walked over to my table and said hi my name is John I wanted to come over and wish you a happy birthday! Yoke was standing behind him and waved and smiled and john shook my hand and I told him my name is Tommy… he asked me what I did we chit chat for a few and invited him to my club he said maybe… and gave me a big smile and said enjoy your dinner and waved good bye then he left the restaurant..

This made the whole place take notice. We continued with our little party then went home It one was of my best birthdays.
I had met a lot of famous people at this time but very few like John he had very relaxing almost calming personality that would put you at ease almost instantly. He had the smile that made you feel like you know him your whole life… like your old friend from school that you have not spoke to in 10 years but you start talking to each other like it was yesterday the minute you meet again.

You don’t meet people like that every day because they are rare like a treasure.

2 days later on my birthday… it was all over the news John Lennon was murdered it was a sad day for everyone.

Many years later his son grew up and then used to come to my club…I never mention to him that I had ever met his father.

But I did make sure he was always taken care of at my club…