Project Description

I don’t know about you guys but.. Everything around me can be very messy.


But when it comes to my electronic parts I like to keep everything  neat and tidy.





When it comes to servo wires I have tried making labels with tape and tags but they smear/fall off after time. I also have used the hobby king shrink tubing labels but then I have to order them wait two months .. cut it and heat shrink it too much work and time.


And if you try and put them on the Plug It is way too tight to fit all your servo plugs into your receiver.


Here is an example for planes you made the Flitetest spitfire you installed the rudder and elevator servo you shake the wire thru the body now which wire is which?

Another example is you have to rewire your quad for some reason or other… After you zipped tied everything nice and neat you now have to cut the zip ties to see which wires goes where and then re-zip tie everything again.

indexIt’s no use crying about it!

I don’t know why but the second time around it is never as good or neat as the first time. Does this happen to you? Let’s take a poll on this one.

But and today only!  I am going to offer you a free tip! Yes absolutely free! and if you read now you there will be no shipping! operators are standing by!

The video

Here is what you will need:

A white crayon or any light color crayon or wax pencil you can use black if you are a masochist .
A Little jeweler screw driver or x acto knife.
a credit card.

What to do:

Step 1
Get a servo Plug and lay it flat on a table.

Step 2
With you tool of choice begin scratching or etching the letter A
Do this on both ends and both sides if you wish.

Sequence 01.Still001

Step 3
final rub the crayon over the etched A a couple of times.


Step 4

Wipe excess with finger now etching should visible.


Step 5



You now have a permanent aliron servo wire ID!

Now proceed with the other server leads for E R T AX1 for aux.
You can do the same for quads motors esc M1, M2, M3, M4


So the next time you have to switch some plugs around you will know exactly what wire is what!  And you will not have to cut zip ties to trace wires. Or have to use a transmitter to see what servo/motor is what.

Even if you don’t have a crayon you can still read the etchings.

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