Project Description

Me and my 8 year old making the X-1
After watching the the mars landing he asked me if we could make something like the “Mars curiosity” also.. I thought about it for a second …Then  I said sure why not! even tho i did not have NASA’s billion dollar budget. Who am i to tell an 8 year old you can’t do something because it’s too hard!

I had never build a quadcopter before and this was not a kit.
but i told him if we do this project we can’t give up if it gets too hard… never give up.
even if the project had failed at least he will walk away with that life lesson

my son built 80% of the x1 including the soldering and most of the wiring.  I did the programming and very little wiring only cable management I like doing cable management.

this is only phase 1.
phase 2: we will add gps and cameras then fpv with anti vibration system
phase 3: waypoints and osd
phase 4:
We will attach a rover to deploy via parachute then release parachute.
Take a soil sample while filming quadcopter will return home and self land.
the rover will avoid obstacles and also return home via gps.

Part 2 is here