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I found this today It is something I wrote about Jesse when he was 5.

Today I was taking care of my son Jesse. I sometime wonder where he comes up with stuff that makes me smile or laugh.

Today I asked him if he want to start to learn to play an instrument.

He said actually a violin…

I said wow why not a guitar or drums

He said because he knew how to play the violin already

Really! Are they teaching you how to play in school?

No, I saw some one do it one time so I know how to play it really good now

Have you tried it yet? Or touched one…Nooo.

But it is easy you push the stick like this… back and forth.

 OK I guess he does know how to play it.

If you read my post talent show or bust you will know a little about his time at the 3rd street music school and also that he plays rock music.

But he just had his first recital doing a duet playing classical. I think it is important to have a good background in learning how to read music properly rather than tabs.
Jesse can read music very well.. in fact he taught his mom how to read music and is writing an app for the iPad to teach kid how to read music in a really fun way, He already has an apple developers license and that will be one of his summer projects.

During his time at the music school I have seen a lot of kids who were good drop out. It is sad because a lot of them were very good. Most of the things I hear from the kids were like… it’s too hard, I don’t know any music songs I want to play, I need help i don’t understand what to do, and the famous ” I hate practicing its boring!”

A lot of that can be cured! People think you have to be a tiger parent and the kid has to practice for hours and hours a day! while in the other room yelling I can’t hear you! Jesse practices about 10 minutes a day short and sweet.But the main thing is we sit with him. But that 10 minutes can be boring for him so we make it fun for him!

Some parents say I don’t have time or I don’t know anything about music.. It’s only 10 minutes! make time! it’s your job to nurture you child interest! You think you child know more about music  than you do? guess again! Here what you can do and it will be fun for both of you..

If you child is starting to read music learn with him if he can play pop goes the weasel or smoke on the water ask him or her to teach you how to play it I promise you your child’s eyes will light up and they will gain a new interest in learning music in order to teach you. Then take turns let them play the song 3 times then you take a turn and play it 3 times. in a very short time you both will be playing guitar or what ever instrument you choose and understanding what the dots or ants on the music sheet means.


Treat practice like a video came by calling it levels oohh! you were so close to make it to level 3! try again tell them level 4 gonna be better and harder because it will have the tickle monster,

How that works is the kid has to play the song perfect while moving your hands slowly toward them to tickle him/her with a poke, or just hover your hands around the tickle spots they love this! or you can do the distraction game while the kid is playing try and distract them the funnier the better! if they miss a note you win if they a a note you win! You will be shocked when you hear them say can we practice some more please?!

Speaking of games don’t get your kid rockband it may be fun but it will never hep your kid learn to play an instrument BUT do get rocksmith if you have an electric guitar you use you own electric guitar and play real note and it learns…the better you get to more notes you have to play.


If your kid said something about I don’t know any music what do you do?

Play music in the house at least once a week what I do.We have theme nights while we do something like playing a game or chores around the house.  I will play a selection of classic rock like  Eric Clapton, yes, led zeppelin, pink Floyd, Boston etc, then another night punk Ramones, Blondie, generation x, then metal glam or speed like guns and roses, Motley Crue,Slayer, twisted sister and then alternative, disco hip hop, classical jazz, blues etc. This is a great way to expose your child to different kinds of music. how much work is that?



Rewards are a another great incentive..say he practice all week-long really hard and did well I will buy him a Ipad game or get them something that really want.  Some people say you are spoiling the kid by doing so you should not bribe your kid to practice to be good!

Isn’t desert a bribe? eat you food and veggies then you can have Desert?

If the place you worked at offered an incentive… would it make you work harder to get that bonus? does it suck no matter how hard you work you get no incentive to work harder? school, homework, and practice is a kid’s version or work.  so spending 99 cents on an app once a week it’s not bad Idea. how much for 10

Now what if your child is not into music after trying all of this? then he might have other interest like art, science, sports. engineering, dance etc it is your job as a parent to find out what it is and nurture it and supply them will all the tools and knowledge they  need to explore their creativity.

They may change their minds after a few months but you know what? they are kids they are allowed to,

but one day they will find themselves and you will be the one they thank for helping and exposing them things they never knew about.


Tommy Gunn