Gunn-Kraft X1 project video


Today hits the 10th day mark of actually building the X1! And I have created a quick montage of what been going on the last 10 days.I have to say Jesse has kept me going with project as soon after breakfast he would say let’s go to work c’mon! And we work for hours he solder all the wiring 80-90% of it. And built everything equally with me. He can rebuild the X1 all by himself now if he had to. X1 so far has met or exceed the expectation of phase 1 so far. The only thing [...]

8 year old builds a UAV! Mar’s or Bust!


It all started this last summer... The video The previous post about this.. Me and my 8 year old son Jesse making the X-1 After watching the mars landing he asked me if we could make something like the "Mars curiosity" also... I thought about it for a second ...Then I said sure why not! Even tho I did not have NASA's billion dollar budget. Who am I to tell an 8 year old you can't do something because it's too hard! I had never build a quadcopter before and this was not a kit. (Everyone said [...]

The last days of summer…


I Spent the last days of summer in the UK Jesse has got much better at flying now and I wanted to capture the nice landscape over there. Even though it was windy we still flew and we were playing with some new setting on our flight controller we did not get it as smooth as we wanted but it is still nice! The video is about 5 mins long yes I could have made it shorter but I like this song it really captures the feeling. Hey just pretend it's a MTV video! What no jokes today! [...]

End servo wire confusion!


I don't know about you guys but.. Everything around me can be very messy. But when it comes to my electronic parts I like to keep everything  neat and tidy. Before   After When it comes to servo wires I have tried making labels with tape and tags but they smear/fall off after time. I also have used the hobby king shrink tubing labels but then I have to order them wait two months .. cut it and heat shrink it too much work and time. And if you try and put them on the Plug It is way too [...]

Vibrations and Jello effect causes and cures Project.


I have been exploring ways to make my videos smoother using my Gopro. One of the thing that plague fpv flyers is vibration and what we call the “Jello effect” which is really In the correct term it is called Rolling shutter. What is rolling shutter and what causes it? NTSC video is normally 29.97 frame per second our uk and over seas friends use PAL which is 25 frames per second. Each fame that is captured is not capture in one shot.. But captured by scanning very rapidly ether up and down or left to right. ok now remember [...]

The paper quadcopter


The First Paper Quadcopter by Tommy Gunn   I was sitting at my desk and had an urge to make something new something I had never made before I don't know if you ever got a rush of a feeling to be creative and inventive I get that feeling a lot...Sometimes it's just a false alarm and I just have to go to the bathroom. I  was thinking about the flitetest planes, and foam boards and how could I make a quadcopter with foam board I tried a bunch of ideas in my head doing A/style B/style folds [...]

Led spinner


I wanted to show that he does this all by himself with very little help from me. Some people may think I do all the work and then had it to him and say he did it. I do help some times when he gets stuck. But he does all his own work. It took him about 1 hour to make this led spinner. I was in the background eating a sandwich and watching while he worked.