The paper quadcopter


The First Paper Quadcopter by Tommy Gunn   I was sitting at my desk and had an urge to make something new something I had never made before I don't know if you ever got a rush of a feeling to be creative and inventive I get that feeling a lot...Sometimes it's just a false alarm and I just have to go to the bathroom. I  was thinking about the flitetest planes, and foam boards and how could I make a quadcopter with foam board I tried a bunch of ideas in my head doing A/style B/style folds [...]

Sex once a month at Dancerteria Featured on midnight blue.


This was close to one of my last shows I did. The night was called Sex once a month and it was a themed base metal night I had Nurses ,Psychedelic, etc. this one was the 60's theme. and it was at the Danceteria on east 29 st . It was on the first Thursday of every month. After that i moved on to the  "tunnel" which held 4000-5000 people. and i did event every Friday called "Sex in the basement"