I Spent the last days of summer in the UK Jesse has got much better at flying now and I wanted to capture the nice landscape over there.
Even though it was windy we still flew and we were playing with some new setting on our flight controller we did not get it as smooth as we wanted but it is still nice!
The video is about 5 mins long yes I could have made it shorter but I like this song it really captures the feeling. Hey just pretend it’s a MTV video!

What no jokes today!

Ok three RC pilots walk in to a bar… a helicopter pilot… a plane pilot and a multirotor pilot…emm I forgot the punch line. You make it and post it!

My game is a bit off I think I got a cold and not feeling great


But I have some new articles coming up and will post soon.

Sometimes it is nice to be sick you can throw tissues on the floor and in a weak pathetic voice yell… honey can you make me some soup… and watch cartoons under the cozy blanket.

But at least today I got some more good emails this one was I have won a free iPad! All I have to do it click on 25 links and subscribe to them! Ok I am out of the bed now this kind of got me going.

I used to get telemarketers calling me and I use to make it a game hell I am home all day. I used to get a lot of calls for newspaper subscriptions once got a call from the New York Times telling me congrats! I can now get the newspaper Delivered to my door step!


I acted all excited on the phone! Wow that great I really want to thank you for calling me!

Lady: You’re most welcome! Would you like a 6 month subscription?

Me: No I would like 2 years! Please!

Lady: I can do that!

We chit chat for a bit then I ask her if she has any other think she could send me like magazines!

She said yes I got really excited on the phone I got friendly with her and bought more magazine she thought she hit the jackpot!

Transaction time!

she ask about payment I say no problem I am just so happen that someone called me since my wife pasted away and my kids don’t call me anymore..

It very hard being blind and all alone and thank you for having all these newspapers and magazine in braille I would have not known all I have it my pocket am radio.


Lady: long pause

Me: hello? When can I expect them to come?

Lady: um these are not braille sir are you blind?

Me: yes that is why you called right?

Lady: oh my god! I am soo sorry! I did not know! We don’t have anything in braille… I am so so sorry…

Me: I put on my weak pathetic voice… “You don’t?” then a big sigh from me I could her almost breaking down on the other end… I just wish my kids would call me once and a while…

Lady: I will make sure no one bothers you about subscriptions again! Again I am so sorry… her voice was trembling a little…

I felt a little bad but it was funny but guess what I never got a call about magazines or papers again!


I did this with the carpet cleaning guys asking him they could remove blood from carpets. Yes we can… and then I ask how about the couch? Umm yea… I said great! I also have some blood on walls and ceiling too and I need you to get here fast! And you are discreet right? Big silent moment! Um I don’t think we can do this job. Oh? What is your name and where are you? Click! I never got another call from carpet cleans again!

I did this also with insurance company’s calling me so I tried trying to insure my wife for a million dollars without her know and asking about double indemnity and how much would they investigate if something happen. No more calls…

If the telemarketer are going to call you have some fun! Hey they called you!

Tommy Gunn