As I try to dream up a cool looking share for a Tricopter i kept thinking about wayo to make it stronger and the thing everybody wants to make it vibrationless.

So I started to play around with shape Ideas, I has seen lots of tricopter shapes I did not like most of them but I did not like most of them the one that seem to work was yea you know who’s… David Windestål tricopter.. ok I loved the folding arms! but when i printed the pattern out it was so in the us of a we like everything big! so I took his basic design and started to change it to my own her is some of the Shapes i came up with. which are much wider then davids..



I just wanted mine to look a little different a nit more alien looking and have more room for electronics.

So Once i picked a shape i had to decided what i was going to make this out of wood? carbon? acrylic?

so i bought wood carbon and acrylic since i could not make up my mine. In testing out the shapes what i did was make the prototype body out of foam board to see how big and what it would look like with with the arm on it or if the shape would need modifications.


It seemed to be what I was looking for time for cutting,I was not planning to do this in the house I just got a dermal for my birthday an was dying to try it out.

My plan was i was going to use carbon fiber and acrylic with this rubber in between making a laminate.
which would muffle vibration and make the body very strong. Where i fly there are no soft landings it all concrete.

I started with cutting the acrylic a little just to test.. then i cut a little more not to bad did not make too much of mess most of it fused easy enough to clean up so i kept cutting both plates. after i was finished I sweeped up everything as the the Little Missy watched saying don’t make a mess dont worry I am not going to jeez!
see all clean! later on i was looking at the carbon fiber and wondered how hard would it