You know when you on of the things I always tell my clients is backup! Backup! Backup!
I was migrating all of my clients over to a new and improved server this week I would backup each site first  test the backup then move it over to the new server.. triple check it and go over every link to insure it was totally there and working then make it live.

Well some how I forgot to do that with my own personal blog. I just copied it and deleted it.. well guess what? I lost it! lucky it was only about 10 story’s but they were good story’s. So I guess I am start from scratch again. That was my big oopsi for the week.

Practice what you preach.

So if you have a website some where and they tell you that it is being back up 3 times a week that is great! But i have to tell you that backups some times do fail and you could lost part or all of your site if something happens.
So if you can try and make your own backup of your site every time you modify it or add something new.
Redundancy is key for a peace of mind…