My New FPV Transmitter 9x mod


I wanted to change the firmware on the 9x then i got bored and wanted to add the frsky to make it a better radio. So i have the fatshark googles but i also wanted to add a 7 in monitor to my rig. But i wanted to use the same power as the battery so i snaked it thru the old antenna hole. you can see the power wire mesh cables in the pictures. but i wanted to more directed leads so i had to open up the monitor and add my own cables. Then i wanted to have [...]

Led spinner


I wanted to show that he does this all by himself with very little help from me. Some people may think I do all the work and then had it to him and say he did it. I do help some times when he gets stuck. But he does all his own work. It took him about 1 hour to make this led spinner. I was in the background eating a sandwich and watching while he worked.

Awesome! Proximity Quadcopter Jungle Gym Workout!


I was trying to push it little and see how well I could tread this obstacle course. some of it was hard being so close to the ground and the "ground effect up wind" make it a little wobbly. I also had 10.5 inch props I could go thru smaller openings with 8 in props. maybe I will try that if i get enough responses. Over all i did not break any props on this day. please subscribe if you want to see more videos like these or at least like it so i know what you guys want to [...]