Ok..I have not ever started and I forgot what I was going to say…just a sec..

It will come to me in a minute.. OH yea the electronics part of this tutorial… I was not sure if I should write something since I am talking in the video but I guess I will write anyway for those of you who like the book version better than the movie.

First I hope you guys give my fly paper idea a try.. I think you will have a lot of fun coming up you’re your own ideas.

I know I am already thinking about some crazy ideas I am sure some of you will take my idea to the next step which I am hoping. But the basic idea of this next step is how to mount the motors and the cover and the electronic.

Or use the video to fall asleep if you have trouble sleeping it works wonders!


I have been getting a lot of emails asking all kinds of question..

Like can I help this barrister ubotu from Nigeria he was asking for my assistance seems like he has a lot of money and he needs me to help him move 2 million dollars from Nigeria to my bank account… so I am helping him out in return I get 20 percent! That is so kind of him to offer me this great opportunity!  I almost feel bad but I scored with this one! Ima Gonna get me those T-motors when the money comes in Just sayin… don’t be hate-in.

Someone ask if I could make a plan they can print out… umm ok here it is just print this 10 times.

printClick here Above and save.

The Current electronic I have in this Quad is

4 x Turnigy T1811-2900kv

4 x 6Amp ESC

4 x 5×3 Prop (2CW & 2CCW)

1 x 800Mah 2s 7.4v Lipoly battery

1 KK 2.0 flight controller with lcd screen.

1 wire harness

2 Turtle doves.

1 apple in a pear tree.

If you had one of those hobby king micro quads after your 4th flight you probery broke it and it sitting somewhere in a box.  Those are the parts I used to build this quad.IMG_6377

The main thing this on this is to wrap the rubber bands tight on the motor mount legs or feet what ever you want to call them you can see in the video how I did it but if you find a better way… do it.


Then plug in the esc mount, the receiver, then the flight controller,and plug the esc wires in the the board and then get the wire harness and plug in all the power leads to it and the the receiver to the board.

Then make the wires as neat as you can. Then hot glue the esc or velcro them down.

I feel like i am in that movie Dude, Where’s My Car? and then..?


Roll another tube cut 4  2 inch pieces to make the legs hot glue those to the bottom. fill both ends with a little hot glue.


The cover is made with heavy printer paper you can just tape it down on one side and the other side use Velcro .

and is about 6x 7 inches. i don’t have that file anymore the gremlins took it. But easy enough to make.


this is the file  for the logo printed rails all you need to do is print 2 sheets and use this as the second sheet. Double click the image below.


Ok so that pretty much about it folk  I have been working on another new idea I am working on a proto type I am calling it the “red box”it something totally new and I don’t think i have seen it anywhere else before i will more info in the next couple of weeks.


I will try and show you the rough version soon.. but I got a project coming up with  Jesse who turned 9 now he want to build a 3d printer and we are not getting kit why would I want to make our lives easier?


My friend eddy and i had been talking about 3D printers for about a year.

Jesse Saw his first one last year at the maker fair Eddy build one about 2 months ago and he built it from a kit and he said it took over a month to get his first print.

And he had help from some one who built one. So I said Jesse wants to make one and i think he can do most of it in less then 2 week! What! no way so a bet came into play..Jesse has to built everything and put together the electronic I can help with thing that are repetitive or needs muscle i can join in when the calibrating starts. it ends when we print a even cube. It had to be all documented via time lapse. What does have to do with paper quadcopters?

Nothing and Everything..

3d printers is the future for us tinkerers if we can dream it we can then print it! imagine all the possibility making motor mount,special gears, frames, gimbals, housing for fpv gear etc the idea are endless.

The wave of the future!

I want him to be able to make a 3d printers I have never told Jesse your not ready wait till you get older or some thing is too hard… just my mother in law’s roast beef… So he really does not know what that means I say ok try it and he foes if he gets stuck he call for help. But he has no fear in trying to take on hard projects. I think everyone one should adapt this type of thinking “anytihng is possible ecept my speeling.   if you have kids pass along you knowledge .. if you dont know it learn it!  and teach it to them in a way they can understand kids are smarter than you think.  I have to say I started doing this about a year ago with no idea what an esc was i was green as they come. but you you can read my first posting of my first quadcopter that Jesse and i made together when he was 8. so the question is:

what are you gonna build today?


Did i just get too preachy there?

Tommy Gunn