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Gunn-Kraft flight school part 1

So you what to know how to fly eh? In this experiment I will be using one small child and 1 adult! ( I will just be filming Jesse is the pilot.) So if my little 8-year-old kid can do it so can you! Warning I am long winded so there is some reading involved..what a strange concept to do on the internet. When Jesse built his first quad he could not fly it at that time and I was his pilot not that I had ever flown a quad before. I had some experience with radio control heli's .. [...]


My New FPV Transmitter 9x mod

I wanted to change the firmware on the 9x then i got bored and wanted to add the frsky to make it a better radio. So i have the fatshark googles but i also wanted to add a 7 in monitor to my rig. But i wanted to use the same power as the battery so i snaked it thru the old antenna hole. you can see the power wire mesh cables in the pictures. but i wanted to more directed leads so i had to open up the monitor and add my own cables. Then i wanted to have [...]


Sex once a month at Dancerteria Featured on midnight blue.

This was close to one of my last shows I did. The night was called Sex once a month and it was a themed base metal night I had Nurses ,Psychedelic, etc. this one was the 60's theme. and it was at the Danceteria on east 29 st . It was on the first Thursday of every month. After that i moved on to the  "tunnel" which held 4000-5000 people. and i did event every Friday called "Sex in the basement"